Why Elias

Our Mission

At Elias Construction we fulfill our guarantees and produce high quality finished products while providing an exceptional experience for all parties involved.

Our Story

When thinking about the remodeling experience and working with a general contractor, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is the project done in an organized, detailed and thorough manner? Is there an open channel of communication between the client and the contractor? Are there prompt responses to questions and daily emails updating the clients as to the project’s progress? Is the contractor convenient to work with, finishing by a guaranteed deadline and delivering on their promises? Unfortunately, when someone is heard describing their remodeling experience, it’s quite the opposite. These stories are too common! People deserve the opportunity to have a positive remodeling experience with all of the characteristics listed above. This is exactly what Elias Construction does!

In the development of Elias Construction, Mickey, the owner, thought about what he would want the experience of working with a general contractor to be like. Being that he had not previously worked for a general contractor, Mickey had not been taught the typical methods of operating a contracting business. This allowed him to start with a fresh and open mind. He set out to construct a system for remodeling that was to be rooted in organization and accountability, and centered around the clients everyday needs.

Mickey envisioned a remodeling and building process that was consistent, structured, and organized. By adhering to those three points, and with the addition of diligently maintaining open communication with clients, a system was created that guarantees clients an exceptional remodeling experience. This system was the foundation.  Upon turning that vision in to reality Elias Construction was born in 2008, a construction company that delivers on their guarantees!

Our Superior Service Guarantee

What sets Elias Construction apart from other contractors is our Superior Service Guarantee. What is it you ask? It’s 3-fold.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
MN law requires 1 year and is the industry standard; we choose to go above and beyond that standard for our clients.

Guaranteed Completion Date for Remodels
If we do not complete your remodel project within the time frame promised, our price will be reduced 0.5% of the original contract per business day.

Guaranteed to the Penny Proposals for Remodels
Our submitted price for your remodel is not an estimate. If our price is off, based on the proposed plans and specs, we pay the difference.


Elias Construction Provides construction and remodeling services to Rochester MN and surrounding communities.