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Laundry Room Refresh

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If washing clothes sometimes feels like pure drudgery, one reason might be your laundry room. Designers and builders of new homes typically leave this room plain and minimally functional. Older homes often have laundry rooms carved out of basement corners, poor lighting, bare concrete flooring, and nowhere to hang clothes or store laundry essentials.

Laundry room remodeling is easier, less expensive, and less painful than remodeling other areas of the home. Water supply and drainage are easy to tap into since the washer and dryer are already installed. Remodeling materials tend to be low-cost and basic! Here are some tips:

  • Install comfortable flooring. Nobody likes to walk on bare concrete. Sheet vinyl, tile and LVP are excellent options that resist water.
  • Add improved lighting. Dim lighting makes it difficult to see and fluorescent lighting can be unpleasant to work in. Try recessed lighting and under cabinet lights!
  • Create folding surfaces. Get that laundry folded and done before you take it out of the laundry room! Install a countertop over front loading machines, or even install a fold down table if space is limited.
  • Build laundry organizers and storage. Consider adding upper cabinets and having wheeled under cabinet baskets. And add open shelving for detergent and supplies!
  • Paint. Laundry rooms do not have to be boring- wall or cabinet paint in a bright cheerful color can really perk up your day!

Happy washing!